Ron Alder Receives 2016 Joe Schield Volunteer Award

Delegate Ric Metzgar, Joe Schield Volunteer Award recipient Ronnie Alder and Heritage Society President Terri Knachel.

At our June meeting, Ronnie Alder was named the recipient of the Joe Schield Volunteer Award for his 125 hours of service to the Heritage Society. Ronnie was also presented with a citation from Delegate Ric Metzgar for his dedication to our organization.

Super Hero Day 2017

Hosted by Museum President Terri Knachel, Cheryl Rosedale and Angel Ball, Super Hero Day 2017 featured face painting and crafting for local kids, one of the many ways the Heritage Museum gives back to our community. Become a member.

Museum President Terri Knachel and Angel Ball.

Community Leaders Ric Metzgar (far right) Doug Anderson, Delegate Ned Carey and Community/Civic Leader Nic Queen from Marley/Brooklyn Park, Glen Burnie paid the Heritage Museum a visit on Super Hero Day!

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The only way to stay out of our jail cell is to become a member!

Bad guys get water ballooned!

Angel Ball teaches the kids how to paint “Essex Rocks”.

Our museum has the best jail cell photo ops!

Cheryl Rosedale as Poison Ivy

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Aero Acres resident Ron Alder stands next to his homemade UFO, 2016

Aero Acres yard is out of this world
Aero Acres resident Ron Alder stands next to his homemade UFO and R2-D2. For 17 years Alder’s UFO has been a staple in the 1000 block of Orems Road. According to Adler, he built the UFO for his grandchildren to play in. It is made of two microwave dishes, PVC tubing, dog bowls and other recycled items. When it is not being kept in his front yard, Alder showcases his UFO during the Dundalk Fourth of July Parade and the Middle River Baseball Parade.

Author – Dan Baldwin
“Aero Acres yard is out of this world,” Avenue News