Aero Acres resident Ron Alder stands next to his homemade UFO, 2016

Aero Acres yard is out of this world
Aero Acres resident Ron Alder stands next to his homemade UFO and R2-D2. For 17 years Alder’s UFO has been a staple in the 1000 block of Orems Road. According to Adler, he built the UFO for his grandchildren to play in. It is made of two microwave dishes, PVC tubing, dog bowls and other recycled items. When it is not being kept in his front yard, Alder showcases his UFO during the Dundalk Fourth of July Parade and the Middle River Baseball Parade.

Author – Dan Baldwin
“Aero Acres yard is out of this world,” Avenue News

2nd Annual Hon Tea at the Heritage Museum, 2015

2nd Annual Hon Tea at the Heritage Museum, 2015

Article about the following year’s Hon Tea:

3rd Annual Hon Tea benefits Heritage Museum of Essex & Middle River

By Lisa Harlow (Avenue News, 4/19/2016)

Attention all Hons: Spray up your beehive, don your finest leopard print and get yourself all dolled up for the third annual Hon Tea! The tea will be held on Sunday, April 24, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River Museum. All proceeds from the tea will benefit the museum and its programs.

When you hear about a “tea,” you may picture stuffy society folks sipping with their pinkies up, but that is not how the hons roll! Attendees should be prepared for good food, fun and games, networking and a few surprises. This year’s theme is Flamingos and Trailer Parks. Once again, all guests are encouraged to bring donations of packaged feminine pads and tampons for area women’s shelters.

“It’s these small things woman do in and for our community that really are a big deal. Hons are usually quiet and humble and don’t think what they are doing is out of the ordinary, but it really is,” said Terri Knachel, president of the Historical Society and Hon Tea hostess. “Hons are the ambassadors to Baltimore. That is why I’m honored to throw a Hon Tea every year to benefit the Essex and Middle River Heritage Society. I feel the women in and around our community are the best of the best, and you won’t find anyone with bigger hearts.”

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Publisher – The Avenue News
Date – 4/2015
Contributor – Terri Knachel