Essex Day: 40 years and still going strong


By Dan Baldwin (Avenue News, 9/22/2015)

It was 40 years ago that Essex made history when the 400 and 500 blocks of Eastern Boulevard were shut down between Woodward Drive and Mace Avenue for the first time. Forty years ago when thousands of people and hundreds of vendors flooded the street for the first time to enjoy a day full of fun and excitement with friends and neighbors.
On June 15, 1975, the tradition of the highly anticipated Essex Day Festival began.

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Hartley Wedding Held in Essex museum

Trisha and Bill Hartley held their wedding Saturday, Dec. 13, at the Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River’s museum. Their ceremony was the first ever to be held inside the building.

By Dan Baldwin (Avenue News, 12/19/14)

Trisha and Bill Hartley celebrated their marriage on Saturday, Dec. 13. But the date, 12/13/14, wasn’t the only unique part of the newlywed’s special day.

The couple exchanged their vows during a small ceremony inside the Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River’s museum in Essex.
According to Secretary Sandy Zinkhan, this was the first wedding to ever be performed inside the building.


The venue was also a proper fitting as Bill Hartley is the museums paranormal director. The museum has a history of being haunted and the groom has held several successful ghost hunts inside the museum.

Trisha Hartley also loves Christmas and was pleasantly happy that the beautiful decorations were still on display in the museum’s avenue, Zinkhan said.

“The Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River was pleased to host the wedding and reception in the museum,” Zinkhan said. “They and their guests had a nice day, as did we.”