Ghost Hunts

Museum Ghost Hunts

Spend an evening with your group hunting for ghosts at the Heritage Museum!
Contact us at or (443) 579-5266 to set up a ghost hunt with your group.

Haunted Happenings at the Museum

  • The “Moaning Man” driftwood sculpture from the 1800s has been heard throughout the museum.
  • Ghostly organ and violin music sometimes emanates from the Music Room.
  • The wheel in the toy shop has spun on its own on occasion.
  • Photos taken in the jail cells have revealed “orbs.”
  • The resident jail cell ghost “Bob” has been heard late at night in the museum.
  • The footsteps of firemen’s boots have been heard upstairs in the old firemen’s quarters.
  • And more – our “Haunted Happenings” pamphlet is available in the museum gift shop.

Paranormal Groups Who Have Investigated the Museum

The Avenue News: Ghost Hunters Investigate Allegedly Haunted Museum