Ghost Hunts

Museum Ghost Hunts

Spend an evening with your group hunting for ghosts at the Heritage Museum!
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Haunted Happenings at the Museum

  • The “Moaning Man” driftwood sculpture from the 1800s has been heard throughout the museum.
  • Ghostly organ and violin music sometimes emanates from the Music Room.
  • The wheel in the toy shop has spun on its own on occasion.
  • Photos taken in the jail cells have revealed “orbs.”
  • The resident jail cell ghost “Bob” has been heard late at night in the museum.
  • The footsteps of firemen’s boots have been heard upstairs in the old firemen’s quarters.
  • And more – our “Haunted Happenings” pamphlet is available in the museum gift shop.

Paranormal Groups Who Have Investigated the Museum

Ghost Hunters Investigate Allegedly Haunted Museum

Members of the Paranormal Research of Maryland searched for ghosts Saturday night at the Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River. Photo by Dan Baldwin, East County Times

By Dan Baldwin (The Avenue News, 10/26/2015)

Before the Heritage Society moved in in 1968, the 95-year-old building was originally the home of the old Essex police and fire station where some of the features still remain today, most notably the jail cells.

There is an unconfirmed legend of an African-American named Bob who was hanged in one of the cells sometime in the 1920s.

Investigators Mylinda McGinley, Penny Hunt and Ali Emami sat in one of the cold, dark jail cells in an attempt to make contact with the spirit known as “Bob” using electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, equipment used to detect any electromagnetic anomalies. With all of the power in the museum turned off, if the EMF detectors go off, in theory it could be picking up an entity, McGinley told the Avenue News.

It didn’t take long at all before EMF detector lit up for no apparent reason, while it sat untouched by anyone.

“Is this the man who died in the cell?” Emami asked, to which the EMF device lit up again for.

“Is this Bob?” he asked.


“Is your name Robert?” Hunt asked.

As soon as she finished saying the name, the device was once again violently flashing red.

The paranormal investigators continued to ask yes or no questions, instructing Robert to make the EMF device to light up for yes, and to leave it alone for no.

Through their questioning they determined that Robert was arrested with two others for loitering. According to the spirit, while the other two eventually left the police station, Robert did not.

When asked, Robert confirmed that he died from being hung, and that he was murdered.

Shortly thereafter, a motion sensor set up outside of the jail cells went off. Hunt and McGinley both said they saw a shadow walk across the door way at the end of the hall. After which, there was no further activity detected by the EMF detector while in the jail cell.

Along with the EMF detector remaining silent, a digital thermometer showed the temperature in the jail cell drastically increase at a rapid rate.

Museum President June Donovan wasn’t surprised at all by what was experienced in the jail cell. PROM is the seventh team of paranormal investigators that has been welcomed to the Museum in the past year.

“They always get activity in that cell,” she said.

From 10 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Prom members had six infrared security cameras with digital voice recorders attached (in hopes to pick up any electronic voice phenomenons — sounds that can not be heard by the human ear), motion detectors that are triggered if anything moves within a 10 foot diameter and a laser grid which was used in conjunction with a static video camera.

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