First Grader Matthew W. Wins Heritage Society Karaoke Contest at Essex Day

First Grader Matthew W. won the Karaoke Stars Stage Contest for having the most votes for him at The Heritage Society on Sunday 9/18/16. Fifty dollars was awarded to Matthew but he also won a second prize for his school Oliver Beach Elementary. $150 was presented to his Music Teacher Mandi Michaels to use for the childrens music program. Ms. Michaels said “I will be purchasing music sheets for the school.” She said she was so proud of Matthew for doing this for his school.

Volunteers Serving Our Community

The Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. Volunteers like Adrienne help keep the history of Essex alive by donating their time by conducting tours, arranging displays, maintaining the building and grounds and working on the archives. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact us!

201607 Volunteer Adrienne (left) with visitors
Volunteer Adrienne prepares to take a family on a tour of the museum.