Ghost Hunts

Museum Ghost Hunts

Spend an evening with your group hunting for ghosts at the Heritage Museum!
Contact us at or (443) 579-5266 to set up a ghost hunt with your group.

Haunted Happenings at the Museum

  • The “Moaning Man” driftwood sculpture from the 1800s has been heard throughout the museum.
  • Ghostly organ and violin music sometimes emanates from the Music Room.
  • The wheel in the toy shop has spun on its own on occasion.
  • Photos taken in the jail cells have revealed “orbs.”
  • The resident jail cell ghost “Bob” has been heard late at night in the museum.
  • The footsteps of firemen’s boots have been heard upstairs in the old firemen’s quarters.
  • And more – our “Haunted Happenings” pamphlet is available in the museum gift shop.

Paranormal Groups Who Have Investigated the Museum

The Baltimore Paranormal Society July 2018 investigation group

Some interesting stories to note from Baltimore Paranormal Society investigations:

  • The sound of an old fashioned CB radio coming from within the fireman’s locker room.
  • Communicating with a little girl in the jail cells who told us that her dad had been an inmate there.
  • Footsteps being heard in the building, particularly in the large room upstairs by the school room.
  • Feeling a swaying sensation while standing on the red carpet in the Military Room.
  • Bozo’s bike swaying back and forth in the toy shop.
  • Communicating with a fire chief while in the military room which used to be the chief’s office.
  • Energy felt and validated by K2 meter on the stairwell by the moaning statue.
  • K2 hits by the wedding dresses on the first floor.
  • Shower stall door slamming in the fireman’s locker room which was heard while we were in the Red Room.
Paranormal Research of Maryland (PROM) searches for ghosts at the Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River. Photo credit: Dan Baldwin

The Avenue News: Ghost Hunters Investigate Allegedly Haunted Museum