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Essex, Maryland
by Jackie Nickel
Advertised in a 1909 sales brochure as “The Rising Suburb of the East,” Essex, Maryland, has seen its fate and fortune rise and fall and rise again. The town enjoyed its early reputation as a haven for city dwellers with picnic groves, hunting and fishing clubs, dance halls, and waterfront amusement parks. The boom continued with new jobs and prosperity until the 1950s, when a fire destroyed much of the town’s main street. Economic decay set in as a result of the loss of industry and an influx of low-income housing. Several attempts at redevelopment and legislation failed, resulting in the residents’ distrust of government intervention. Finally a county-backed Renaissance project was established in 2002, bringing Essex a new epithet: “The Hidden Gem of Baltimore County.”
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Memories Of  “Old” Middle River: A loving look back at the town and its people
By Jackie Nickel
Essex-Middle River was a destination for waterfront recreation. Its recent publicity as the shoreline showplace of the 21st century is merely history repeating itself. To visualize the unfolding results of revitalization is to recall the days when Essex was known as “the rising suburb of the east” with Middle River as its shining star.
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Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River 60th Anniversary – Essex 1909-1969
Free download courtesy of the Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River’s collection.
Limited copies of this original 1969 vintage publication available.
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Essex and Middle River (Then and Now: Maryland)
by M. Linda Martinak and Angela Martinak Sutherland
The origins of Essex and Middle River can be traced back to the early 1800s, though Essex did not attain an official community name until 1908. The area grew rapidly, particularly because of the Glenn L. Martin Company, which employed more than 53,000 residents during World War II.
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  1. where is the gift shop located? I’m looking to buy the “old” middle river book for a gift for Christmas . is it possible to get it mailed? thank you, look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hello Sarah, our gift shop is located at 516 Eastern Blvd Essex, MD 21221 – open Sat. 10-2p. I apologize for the delay in reply maybe this year, you can purchase the gift. Thx.

  2. I lived on Back River Neck Rd in the late 30’s early 40’s and I’m trying to remember the name of a beach/ park back then but not Rocky Pt or Porter’s. It had a few rides for kids and you got to it but turning off Back River Neck Rd right before eEbersberger store. Can you help me? I’m 83 and my memory is going belly up.

  3. How can I find out when and where my family settled in Essex. My family’s name is Foehrkolb. I know we were one of the first to settle in Essex. I would love to learn more about my history.

  4. I originally lived on 303 S. Stuart St. And moved to 730 Corby Rd in Middlesex. As a medical student I worked with Dr. Jay Platt, an icon of Essex. My Essex roots are deep to this day. I will miss Uncle Eddies crab cakes.

  5. James Wood was my Great Great Grandfather, William Wood one of his sons married to Lottie Tutchton Wood were my great grandparents. It is so interesting to see photos, and read so many articles about my family.

    1. Is anyone able to give me history on the fire station police station that was built In 1921? Any names of the firemen or police men??

  6. hello,
    My name is Rob Kemp. I am trying to find some info on a bar that was at the intersection of Back River Neck Rd and Barrison Point Rd. I remember as a kid it had a trap range next to the bar. Would like to know the name of the place and some history.

    Rob Kemp

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