Essex Fire Station, 1973

“Joan Hensler stands in front of old Essex fire station with Alex Baumgartner, center, president of the Essex Historical group, and George J. Martinak, president of the Middle River Heritage Society, a backer of group’s efforts to get station.”

Creator – Swagger
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Publisher – Baltimore Sun
Date – 1973-11-06

Essex Fire Station #7 Lieut. Charles J. Horner’s Turncoat Donated to Museum

Lieutenant Charles J. Horner, May 1959

The granddaughter of Lieutenant Charles J. Horner, Blaze, recently donated the 70+ year old fire turncoat of her grandfather along with several historical photographs  to the Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River.

Lieut. Horner outside of Essex Fire Station #7.

Lieutenant Horner served at Essex Fire Station #7 which was housed in the building that the Heritage Society currently occupies.

Horner also served as Captain at Station #7 for a short while before passing in 1966.

Charles J. Horner’s granddaughter Blaze donating her grandfather’s turncoat to the Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River. Accepting the donation is museum president June Donovan.


Top Row: Charles Horner (second from left). Bottom Row: Joe Hoffmann, Carroll Huffines, John Cavallio.


Lieutenant Charles J. Horner

Donations like Blaze’s help preserve the rich legacy of Essex’s citizens and protectors.