20 thoughts on “Essex, Maryland Historical Map”

  1. Searching for old photos of The Village of Tall Trees in Essex Maryland 1983-1999. Structural landscaping and old buildings in the year that I lived 1983-1994.

    1. The landlords were scum I had the pleasure and a building inspector unit to shut them down. Complaiments of Hatfield on Do little Rd

  2. This is a modern map, sattelite view. I would like a historical map, in particular I am looking for the site of the old Hollywood Park

  3. I have some old photos of tall trees if anyone ever would like to show thier children. I lived there 1983-1994 not the best place I lived but it was home to myself at one time.

    1. James,

      I would love to see photos. I grew up in the village of tall trees in the 80’s, and I can’t find any photos. I would appreciate a email with photos it would mean a lot to me.

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