Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame

Come celebrate “The Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame” display that will be unveiled in the museum on April 26th. More information will be posted at a later date. Save the date!


9 thoughts on “Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame”

  1. Is there a list of honoree’s by the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame? It would be nice to learn more and see who the hall has honored in the past.

  2. Bob Beaumont of the band the Voodoo Yahoos here, trying to contact Buddy Love, the number I had for him is no good anymore. Just wanted to let him know we’re available for jobs, we now have original songs, and he had spoken to me about my possible induction into the Hall in March or April. Thanks.

  3. I am wondering how you nominate someone for your Hall of Fame. Allen Karl , stage name, (A. K . Sterner , Birthday h name) has been a resident if Elliott city City, Md for about 50 years. He has been in the country music business since he was 14 when had his own radio show. He won a talent contest at age 17 and toured with Patsy Cline.He has sung on the Grand Old Opry, been inducted into the Grest Country Music Hall of Fame as well as the Cherokee Nation Hall of Fame. He has toured with Johnny Cash, Wanda Jackson, etc. He has remained on the Top Independent Artist Chart for years, often being #1., as well as having over a dozen #1 independent artist hits. He has owned Century II Records since 1987 with such famous artists as Jim Ed Brown, Jean Shepard and Bobby G. Rice on the label. He has done 3 European concert tours as well. He also served his country in Vietnam Nam as a Fighter pilot and earned the Purple Heart. He owned a successful construction company in Ellicott City as well as a mobile dog grooming company.
    But traditional country music has always been his passion. In my opinion, this energetic 77 year old Maryland resident has earned a place in your Hall of Fame. He has a website ( just google him) and his email is
    Pl are good be him some consideration.
    You hank you

  4. What address do I mail a suggestion for the MEHOF? Email & snail mail. I haven’t heard from the email & snail mail wes returned at the PO box 5852, Timonium address. Thank you.

  5. Hi my dad is Kenny barish b e r e s h. He was a drummer and he won Battle of the bands and I wrote a letter for him to be inducted in the Maryland musician Hall of Fame I’m trying to see when that’s going to happen if that’s going to happen I was in touch with someone and I lost contact with him they told me my dad would not would be a better would be one of the best fits for Maryland musician Hall of Fame please contact me at 443 609-7897

  6. yes my father was Kenny barish b e r e s h he was a drummer my father has passed away 2 years ago. my father won battle of the bands and he was the most prestigious drummer in the state of Maryland as he traveled around as you were well aware I was told that my father was an awesome candidate to be inducted into the Maryland musician Hall of Fame can you please contact me thank you he won the Buddy Dean show back in the day

  7. my dad was in battle with the bands and his band out of 100 Bands one his band was The Flintstones he traveled all around played music my dad was self-taught he did not have any schooling as a drummer anything of that nature it came natural to my dad and my dad was one hell of a drummer he was one hell of a musician. please contact me

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