March Newsletter


Several members of our Museum attended a recent historian luncheon at the Eastern Yacht Club. The event was hosted by Kevin McDonough, an outstanding young man strong in his desire to share and preserve local history. He did an excellent job of putting this event together. We are pleased to include Kevin as one of our Museum members.

Those of us attending were made quite proud to be a member of the museum family – by our Historian Paul M. Blitz. He was a guest speaker, and shared his vast knowledge of our combined communities. He did so in a manner that was enjoyed by all those present. All in all – it was a very enjoyable and informative day.

We can’t wait till the next one.


The Music room has been reorganized. June Donovan and Sandy Zinkhan are preparing a display of Musicians from Essex. We will be ready for opening day.

Thanks again to Penny Metz, this time she donated a 45 record case.

The Grocery store WOW! This was a big project. Sandy Gruzs and Sandy Zinkhan cleaned and reorganized the entire room. Looks great!

The Toy store was reorganized by Sandy Gruzs.

Please take time to see all the changes.


“In Touch with the Other Side”

Kelly will be passing on loving messages from the other side. This will be a large group reading at the Gunpowder VFW on July 13th. She will be donating the proceeds to the Museum. She is a very popular Psychic Medium.

Whether you believe in this or not, she is truly inspirational. You have to see her in action.

She is in the process of writing a book and talking to a producer about a TV show.

If you are interested please let June Donovan or Sandy Zinkhan know.


The St Patrick’s Day dance was a huge SUCCESS!!

Thanks to everyone that came. A real big thanks to Sandy Gruzs and George Weiss, without them it would not have happened. We are truly grateful to have them on board.

Thanks to June Donovan, Randy Carr, Joanne Ortega, Colleen Baugher, Sandy Zinkhan and our MC for the night Paul M. Blitz. What a TEAM!

Men can Dance!



The Heritage Society has a meeting room that may be available for your party or family get together.

Call our President June Donovan for more information.


The Heritage Society meeting is held the first Thursday of each month. When that day falls on a Holiday we meet the next Thursday.
Please join us!

April 3, 2014

May 1, 2014

June 5, 2014

Parking is available behind the Museum.

For more information about the Museum call our President June Donovan at 410-780-5201

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