8 thoughts on “Thunderbird Drive-In, 1976”

  1. I remember the Thunderbird as a really cool place. It was like American Graffiti. As an 18 year old my friends and I would drive our Muscle Cars from Timonium to “cruise” through about 10 times. I had a 69 Firebird. We never thought to take pictures. We all thought life would be like that forever. What great memories.

  2. Jung out there all the time in the early 70’s.Graduated EVT IN 74.Every sunday we would take our muscle cars to the fishery in loch raven to clean and/or wax them and sunday night hit the t-bird.Great times in a great neighborhood.

  3. Best of times were late 50’s thru the mid 60’s. So many terrific cars were there. Regulars were put to “the” test on a routine basis. Cars from Champ’s, The Varsity, The Hot Shoppes, and The Circle, would pay regular weekend visits for trips to Martin Blvd. and Chase. We ran 283, 327, 348, 409, 427, 289, 312, 360, 390, 401, 427, 383, 413, 426, 389, 421, 427. While many were high HP stock, a lot were modified. Chev, Ford, Pontiac, Dodge and Plymouth. As many as 50 cars would sometimes be on the shoulder of the road awaiting their turn. The food was also pretty good as well, along with plenty of EXCELLENT scenery!
    My copper ’57 BelAir 2 dr hardtop, 327ci, 375 injection motor with dual quads

    1. And the Pontiac GTO 400 which I drove and replaced the Quadra-jet Carb with a Holley 650 from Marine Auto Parts near Orems Rd in the 70s. Mopar also had a 318 block.

  4. Does anyone remember “The Giglio”?
    I believe it was a 1968 GTO convertible painted by Tom Downey. Sure would like to see a picture of the car.

  5. In the late ’50s I frequented the Thunderbird Drive-In in my 1955 Chevrolet 210 2 door called Little Miss blue. So many memories there but take a week to list them all

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