Edgewater Apartments, mid-late 1940s

“My mother’s and uncle’s birthdays when they lived in what was Edgewater Apartments in the mid to late 40’s. You may see your parents in a few of these pics if they lived there.” — Stacy Lethcoe

Source – Stacy Lethcoe, family archives

5 thoughts on “Edgewater Apartments, mid-late 1940s”

  1. Hello, I spent the first 3 years of my life at Edgewater apartments (466), while my dad was st UMd dental school. Are the apartments still there? Do you know the address, what street(s) were they located. I would love the see my old home some day if it still exists.

    1. It was torn down in the 90s. My grandmother who I live with lived there for the first 3 years of her life in the late 40s. It is not a shopping center and Earhart rd where the supermarket, movie theater, and soda pop shop is now a bank. All new infrastructure.

    2. They were torn down over 20 years ago when Essex got rid of all the old apartments from the ww2 era

  2. Did anyone reply to your questions about Edgewater? I, too, lived there in the early 1970’s and would like to reconnect

    1. It was torn down in the late 90s and all the roads paved over my a parking lot and shopping center. The old movie theater and soda pop shop and Mars is a bank now.

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