Pospisil’s Tavern

Pospisil’s Tavern

In 1907 James and Mary Pospisil purchased a large restaurant and tavern on Eastern Ave. west of Back River Bridge. The family lived on the second floor of the popular establishment which was open seven days a week. House specialties included crab cakes, soft crabs, fried chicken and fish. Live entertainment was booked for the club by the same promoter who brought acts to the Hippodrome. The Pospisils sold their popular business in 1947 to the Emala family. After nine months, the Emalas sold it to Joseph Mirabile who renamed the place Town Hall. Dances, weddings, bingos and other events continued to draw customers until the building was closed to make way for the Eastern Blvd. cloverleaf onto I-695. While boarded up awaiting demolition, it was destroyed by fire in March 1967.
— Jackie Nickel

Source – Mary Pospisil

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