Baumgartner Collection Book #153: Hart, Miller, Pooles Islands

Baumgartner Collection Book #153: Hart, Miller, Pooles Islands

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Hart Miller Island is located at the mouths of Back River and Middle River, where they empty into the Chesapeake Bay east of the City of Baltimore in Maryland. It was formerly two separate islands, Hart Island and Miller Island, but it is now almost entirely artificial. In 1981, the area began being filled with dredged material by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, for the purpose of habitat restoration, and the project is scheduled for completion in 2012.[1] It is now in use as Hart-Miller Island State Park, accessible only by boat. (Source:

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  1. After graduating High School in 1978 I bought an old 1958 wood Chris Craft; Mahogany cabin. Rebuilt, and refinished the entire boat. Hart Miller was a favorite place to go; I docked boat in Frog Mortar Creek. Just a wonderful place to escape to, depending on the time of day and tides, I could slip between the islands and out to the bay. Crystal clear shallow waters, and loads of crabs!

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