Dosch Family exhibit

We are proud to host the Dosch Family exhibit as a new donation from our Essex community member, Mrs. Susan Carter. The Dosch Family lived in Essex since 1921 as part of the original Essex suburb. Mrs. Lottie Dosch lived on Taylor Ave. until her passing at age 96! These are the original wedding dresses of Lottie Dosch and her daughter-in-law Lillian that married her son.

Lottie Dosch’s son Bill Dosch served in the Navy during WWII. His Naval uniform is now on exhibit in our veterans room upstairs. Please stop by to see our beautiful new exhibit and read about their lifetime in Essex!

(left to right): Alice Hawkins (maid-of-honor), Charles F. Dosch (groom), Lottie Jenkins Dosch (bride), Thomas Carter (best man).
(left to right): Sophie Thomas Brosius (Lillian’s sister), Catherine Thomas Seay (Lillian’s sister) Frieda Brawner (maid-of-honor and Lillian’s friend), Samuel Thomas (Lillian’s brother, who “gave her away”), Lillian Thomas Dosch (bride), John William Dosch (groom), Stephen Thomas (best man and Lillian’s brother), Walter Seay (Catherine’s husband), George Brosius (Sophie’s husband); Flower Girl – Charlotte Meyers (John’s cousin), Walter Meyers (John’s cousin).

Susan Dosch’s donation letter to the Heritage Museum:

My name is Susan (Dosch) Carter, and I have been an Essex resident for 65 years. My grandparents (Charles and Lottie Dosch) arrived in Essex in 1921 and lived at 307 S. Taylor Avenue. They remained in Essex until they both passed away (my grandfather at age 62, and my grandmother at age 96). Their house remained in our family for 95 years. My parents (John and Lillian Dosch) were also born and raised in Essex, and settled at 323 S. Woodward Drive.

My grandmother (Lottie Dosch) was the cashier at the Essex Theatre for many, many years until it burned down in 1968, and then went to work as the cashier at the Hiway Movies. I have my grandmother’s wedding dress (and button-up, high top shoes) and a large picture of my grandparents on their wedding day on September 26, 1917 (so her dress is almost 100 years old).

I also have my mother’s wedding gown, veil, ring-bearer’s pillow, the Bible she carried and a picture of my parents on their wedding day on October 21, 1945. My parents were both confirmed and married at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Essex, and my sister, brother and I were baptized, confirmed and married there as well. I also have my mother’s fur coat (and chinchilla wrap) from the 1940’s, and pictures of her in it. I have photos of the coat as well that I can send if you like. My mother graduated from Kenwood High School in the class of 1940, and I have her class picture and the graduation program with all the names of those in the class. I also have my mom’s Kenwood high school prom gown and a picture of her in it. Both my parents worked at Martins for a while, and I have a couple of pamphlets from Martins describing their pension plan and benefits. My dad enjoyed photography, and I have his “Brownie Hawkeye” camera and another camera that belonged to him.

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