Loch Raven Bottle Collectors Meeting history talk, 2017

Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River President Terri Knachel visited a group of bottle collectors at Loch Raven High School to talk to them about the history of Essex, Maryland.

2 thoughts on “Loch Raven Bottle Collectors Meeting history talk, 2017”

  1. I have actually found a whole bottle of the Bauerschmidt beer brand in a stream in the middle of the woods in Carroll Island. Being an amateur bottle collector of ten years, I’ve had the great fortune of having access to a secret spot that contains THOUSANDS of bottles from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Unfortunately, a great deal of them are broken, however one doesn’t stop looking simply because some are broken. You have to keep looking in hopes that one day you’ll find that whole, rare bottle that no one has few of, it has never seen before. That’s what keeps me going, regardless of seeing tons of pictures of people who possess bottles that I also have collected. Still, I search and hope to find that “golden” oldie that’s rare and largely unknown to the bottle collection society at large.
    Good luck to those of my fellow collectors. Keep searching!

  2. I too know a spot in Middle River and have found a bunch of whole bottles from the Maryland Bottling company and others. I have found 3 Bauerschmidt beer fragments. One was almost whole. I found Bromo seltzer and such at my spot as well. I just today found a fragment where the side says “Popular” and the bottom says Registered Middle River MD. There are many full and broken bottles at this dump I stumbled upon. The dump ranges from the Bauerschmidt era through the 80s.

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